Il festival della gastronomia Italiana a Bruxelles



A year ago...

What began as  a small idea became an extraordinary reality and for three days the Quartier des Continents has been animated by the best of Italian gastronomy and good living.

If you were with us, you will surely remember. Otherwise, here are some small memories ...


The festival 100% dedicated to Italian gastronomy that will again  take place in the Quartier des Continents from 8 to 9 June.

The aim of this festival is to promote the restaurants of the Quartier des Continents and various Food and Wine Producers from Italy.

Bontà Italiane is an event that fully follows the trend of slow food. The respect for a healthy diet that combines short range production and biodiversity. A trend that is, of course, born in Italy.

Join us and the Italian chefs who contribute to spreading Italian Gastronomy in the Quartier des Continents.

This year's special event!

Tasting contest Gusta e vinci:

Enter the arena and challenge our chefs in a blind taste game. Try to win a dinner for two in one of the restaurants of Bontà Italiane.

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The Quartier des Continents is proud of its presence of Italian restaurants. Here is the short list of those who will take part in the Festival and allow you to discover their regional specialties.. 


IMG_0231.JPG Tortelloni ai Funghi Porcini.JPG

Quartiers des continents

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The Quarter of the Continents is multi-faceted, densely populated by a young population and hosts a wide variety of shops and activities of all kinds.

It is an important area of transit to the European institutions, and a place to meet on a terrace in Saint Boniface behind a Coucou de Malines or a homemade pasta dish.

Today, this neighborhood sees its attractiveness strengthened and trade diversifies with ever-increasing sales that provide a wide selection of high quality goods. This is what the "Quarter of the Continents" invites you to discover today.

The geographical area of  Quarter of the Continents covers: Rue de la Paix, Rue Saint-Boniface, Rue Longue Vie, Rue Ernest Solvay, Rue Francart, Rue de Dublin, Place de Londres, Chaussée de Wavre from Rue de la Paix to Rue du Trône and Chaussée d'Ixelles between Place Fernand Cocq and Rue de la Paix.

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The ASBL Mon Village is the association of merchants and residents of Ixelles Nord based in the Brussels Capital Region

The ASBL Mon Village Association works closely with the town hall of Ixelles.



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